Akiko Taguchi
Akiko Taguchi

Artist, Jeweller
1977 三重県生まれ
2001-2004 多摩美術大学 テキスタイルデザイン学科在籍
2012 初個展「心のカタチ」開催
2013-2016 次作に向けての制作期間
2016 July  Independent Tagboat Art Fes展示参加

大学時代に卒制で金属ワイヤーを織った作品を 作成し、金属と出会う。卒業後は自動車会社で色と素材のデザインを生業としながら、ジュエリーメイキングを勉強。

Born in Mie prefecture, Japan in 1977.
2001-2004 Studied Textile Design at Tama Art University (Tokyo, Japan)
2012 First solo exhibition “The Shapes of the Heart”
2013-2016 Creation time process
2016 July   Attended at “Independent Tagboat Art Fest”

Akiko Taguchi met the use of metals when she wove metal fabrics at the university.
After graduate, she worked as Color & Material Designer for a big car company.
While working at the company she studied jewelry making, and created several art works and jewelries made by metal and glass.
Her works whole concept is “To express the unique beauty that things posses”.